Get The “After 50” Checklist: Learn What’s Keeping You Stuck

Discover where you may be unintentionally making mistakes that are sabotaging your health and fitness results

Sure, everyone looks at a beautiful girl…

But they can’t take their eyes off a confident woman who radiates joy and health.


And THAT is available to you at ANY and EVERY age.

Do you feel “defeated” or resigned that you’re stuck with a body that isn’t as fit as it used to be?

Here you’ll learn what and how to exercise, why sleep is your best friend and how stress and sleep all affect your hormones. Understanding the factors that add up to excellent well-being after age 50 (and how to use these factors to your advantage) will immediately shift your perspective and give you a game plan for how to reach your health goals.


Why should you consider avoiding your go-to healthy snacks? Why not have spinach – the most nutrient dense food – every day? Foods you eat most often are the ones you risk becoming sensitive to most.


It’s no secret that weight training is a must after 50. Without it you’ll be fatter, sicker, weaker and more dependent on others sooner or later in your life.


Testosterone gets squeezed out of the hormone picture. You may just want to get a girl crush going on this male hormone. True, males have more but having less doesn’t make it less important.

It IS Possible To Be As Fit As You Were 15 Years Ago (Or Better)

Are you sick of hearing that your “metabolism is slowing” and that you can’t expect to be in shape like you were a decade ago? The idea of your “metabolism slowing” is overused—and it isn’t necessarily true. Your body’s needs may be evolving, but it doesn’t mean you’re stuck.


If you don’t understand all the factors that play into health and weight loss, then you’re probably going to walk through life feeling like you’re stuck with a “slowing metabolism”. On the other hand, if you DO know how to work with your body as it ages, you’re going to have an inner confidence and “radiance” that other people can sense.